Product Updates

Import CSV function for Users and Vehicles

Due to the constantly growing and changing fleets of our customers, the possibility of importing vehicles quickly and independently became increasingly important.

Automatic deactivation of faulty car sharing kit's features

- There have been some scenarios where the car sharing kits can malfunction and will block the internet connection

Refactored of vehicle events filters

- We have changed the way the filter of the vehicle events work

The New App Design

- With these changes, you should be able to see a more streamlined navigation, a more intuitive home screen and a faster and more responsive experience. - One of the bigger differences you'll be able to see is on our home screen. We have moved away from the bubbles and hamburger menu towards a card-based system and a tab bar navigation. - In the home screen, you'll see the main actions that you can perform. Most of the time it'll be your corporate car sharing features. - You can see all the changes in our

Home Screen Redesign

- We worked on the old bubble home screen and redesigned it completely.

New Damage Size presets on Mobile

Our slider to measure a vehicle's damage size got replaced by preset lengths. This way the user can easily select one range instead of looking for it manually. The options are:

Vehicle usage distribution for Category Booking

- Within the category-booking feature, our system used to choose a vehicle based on the cheapest price. - A new setting was incorporated to distribute usage with category bookings across the fleet. It can be found in the

Self Service automatic release/return is now optional

- Now that we introduced a mobile process to release and return a self service booking we have introduced a setting so you can disable the automatic release and return of the bookings - The setting is off by default in order to keep the current functionality as it was previously

Bike Sharing Feature

Optimisations for Administrators

Setting allowing administrators to specify support email

- Now the admins have the option to add their contact information to the feedback and support feature on mobile

Marking of fine or credits as paid

- In the Billing system you now have the ability to manually indicate if a fine or credit has been paid - The aim of this solution is for business billing solutions that don't use the invoicing system

Manage vehicle permissions with a suggest

- To solve performance issues we remove the user management popup to manage the vehicle permissions

New events added to the vehicle event list

- The functionality of the vehicle events was expanded to include new events

New Save Bar for the new services

- In order to improve the usage of our new platform we have added the main common actions to a bar that will always be present in the interface.

Vehicle costs are now included in the Vehicle Export

On the CSV Export of a Vehicle, it is now possible to find information related to the three options of payment type a vehicle can have:

Collapsible notification section for smaller screen sizes

- Now the header should be compatible with all desktop and most tablet sizes