Update 6th November 2015

  6 noviembre 2015
Update 6th November 2015
Our goal is to have the best corporate carsharing and fleet management software. This is why we update our software every two weeks. Not every update is immediately visible to our customers, and some (such as security improvements and performance updates) are not visible at all. However, for any visible updates we create a detailed overview so that users can familiarize themselves with these new features and feel comfortable in utilizing our system. Today we would like to introduce the latest changes in our system.

fleetster multi stops


The multi-stop function is finally finished! Users can now include multiple stops when booking trips. This means that instead of booking individual trips, it is now possible to book one trip regardless of its duration and the number of stops; and no matter if it is for private or business purposes, or even both. This recording of information is particularly important for updating the log book correctly.

fleetster terms and conditions


Each company is able to upload their own vehicle user policies, terms and conditions or travel expenses guidelines into fleetster that has to be confirmed by all users. You can find this function in the company details.

fleetster location filter


Companies with many vehicles can't wait for this function to be implemented! From now on you can filter your vehicle list by their location.

fleetster vehicle cloning


Do you have multiple vehicles of the same model? Now you have the possibility to clone an existing vehicle instead of creating a new one!