Update 2nd May 2016

  2 mayo 2016
Update 2nd May 2016
Our goal is to have the best corporate carsharing and fleet management software. This is why we update our software every two weeks. Not every update is immediately visible to our customers, and some (such as security improvements and performance updates) are not visible at all. However, for any visible updates, we create a detailed overview so that users can familiarize themselves with these new features and feel comfortable in utilizing our system. Today we would like to introduce the latest changes in our system.

fleetster in Polish


From today on, fleetster is also available in polish. We wish our polish users and customers a lot of fun with fleetster! Should you have suggestions for translation improvements, we are more than happy to implement them.

fleetster Individual Booking Length


fleetster is becoming more individual: We have a new option in the settings where you can set the standard length of a booking that is displayed whenever a user starts the booking process. When companies have a lot of bookings it sometimes occurred that our auto-detection for free slots would jump into the future. This feature will change its behavior.

fleetster Complex Passwords


More and more security - also for the user's passwords. fleetster will not accept too obvious passwords such as 1234, 1111 and 9876 for new users. If you want some inspiration, which passwords NOT to use, check out this website: The 25 most stolen passwords