Update 20th November 2015

  20 noviembre 2015
Update 20th November 2015
Our goal is to have the best corporate carsharing and fleet management software. This is why we update our software every two weeks. Not every update is immediately visible to our customers, and some (such as security improvements and performance updates) are not visible at all. However, for any visible updates we create a detailed overview so that users can familiarize themselves with these new features and feel comfortable in utilizing our system. Today we would like to introduce the latest changes in our system.

fleetster login screen


As you will have noticed, we have changed the design of our login screen. Now the gate to your fleetster portal looks different! The login procedure is faster and more comfortable when you want to book a poolcar or want to manage your fleet as an administrator. At fleetster, our goal is to always be up to date with the latest design standards, and for you to enjoy them!

fleetster service booking


Furthermore, with service bookings, you now have the possibility to enter the reason for your trip, destination and new mileage after the trip.

fleetster booking list


We now have revised the logic of the booking list making fleetster even more intuitive. In the "Upcoming" Section, only the created and ongoing bookings are shown.

fleetster key management


We also want to make life easier for key managers. Thus, the key management is even clearer. Only reservations for one week in advance are listed.