fleetster Tutorial 1: Simple vehicle booking process

  17 enero 2017
Would you like to know how easy is to book a vehicle with fleetster?

To make your start with our Corporate Carsharing software even easier, we have now tutorial videos for you! In the first video we show you how simple and intuitive it is to book a poolcar in our fleetster corporate carsharing software.

In the first step, the user selects whether he wants to book a vehicle for a private or business trip. It is not mandatory in fleetster to allow private trips for employees. Every company can decide this individually, depending on its needs. Once the user has selected the period of time, all available vehicles will be displayed to him from the vehicle pool. Then, he needs to choose the vehicle that fits his needs best and insert all the mandatory information for the driver log – that’s it.

At the end, the user receives the booking confirmation with a calendar file via e-mail including all helpful details. Now, time to enjoy the trip!

Forget about time wasting steps like the struggle with Outlook calendar double bookings, paperwork, forms or elaborate Excel files - all this is finally in the past!

Advantages with the fleetster booking software? Many! You are able to access the software easily from your computer or your mobile devices with the fleetster App available at Google Play Store and App Store. This means, there is no required installation to start using the software. Our intuitive usage will guide you in your booking process, so no training needed at all!

Still want to find out more? You can check all tutorials in our YouTube Channel.