Total Fleet Control

  14 julio 2016
Total Fleet Control

When Mr. Smith, the caretaker, booked the Mercedes S-Class from the company’s carpool to take the old radiator to the recycling yard, it was done in a blink of an eye. Why? Because Mr. Smith used the fleetster app to book the best pool car on his smartphone without hassle, proving that with fleetster it is easy as ABC to book a business trip as a company employee.


fleetster improves effective usage of the fleet vehicles

It gets better: fleetster – leader in the mobility software market – now has a brand new function! The Fleet Manager, who has an overview of all bookings in the Admin Calendar, is now able to intervene in these bookings, modifying them if, for example, Mr. Smith has not made the best decision. The bookings can be edited directly in the Admin Calendar. Even with a large number of fleet vehicles, this improvement increases transparency and accessibility, reducing costs and ensuring a more effective usage of the fleet vehicles; and, on top of this, it is good for the environment! This is a giant leap in integrated mobility management for companies.

And, one more thing: the Administrator just reallocated Mr. Smith’s booking to the company’s electric transporter, which benefitted all parties involved…even the old radiators!