The Booking Platform

  10 diciembre 2015
The Booking Platform

The booking platform is the basis of our features. This is the screen which is most important to familiarize yourself with in order to understand the booking process of your pool cars. You can access this page as soon as you log in and select a new booking. Once you dive into this process, you will notice that if your company has more than one location, the platform will show a drop down menu on the “collection” and “return” input screens, followed by the times and dates you want to travel. Knowing this, fleetster is able to pinpoint which cars are available during the time you want to make your booking. However, before doing this, you must select the estimated distance you will travel; this will determine the vehicle type and category you will be advised to select.

“You will notice that it is the same booking format for both private and business car sharing”

With this booking process, it is simple to book a car without searching through endless lists of vehicles to choose from for your desired journey. On the far right of the booking timeline, the “zoom” icons will allow you to check future bookings in addition to select a specific time frame which you want to observe. This function is particularly useful if you want to secure a booking for the next coming days, weeks or months.
Once all data is applied, the “finish booking” is selected and the booking is complete.