fleetster under the heading 'Successful Startups' in Discover Germany Magazine

  18 diciembre 2017
fleetster under the heading 'Successful Startups' in Discover Germany Magazine
Nowadays, mobility apps are an integral part of our society. The Munich-based start-up company fleetster develops innovative mobility software and personalized apps for corporate carsharing,fleet management,public carsharing and much more. 

The fleetster story 

Tim Ruhoff founded Next Generation Mobility in April 2010. Previously, he had successfully convinced Karim Barkawi, his former boss, to invest in electric mobility. Ruhoff bought one of the first Tesla roadsters in Europe and organized company events with electric cars throughout Europe to fascinate as many people as possible for electric mobility. 

Starting in 2012, Ruhoff began to develop software for the management of electric vehicles in companies. Bit by bit, fleetster was the result. 

Today about 20 employees develop the comprehensive mobility platform at the fleetster office in Munich. 

Vehicle fleet digitalization 

The Munich-based start-up company digitizes all processes relating to the vehicles of the fleet and optimizes the mobility of companies. 

Currently, the best-selling product of the fleetster portfolio is the corporate car sharing module. Companies can use it to provide their employees with pool vehicles for business and private trips and easily bill them. 

In addition to the corporate car sharing module, fleetster also offers software for fleet management, public car sharing and individualized software solutions. Thus fleetster is the optimal technology provider for all founders or companies planning:
  • public car sharing, 
  • vehicle rental (whether scooters, bicycles, cars or tow trucks) or 
  • similar mobility offers. 

Of course, this also applies to electric cars. 

White Label Partner 

Already today, many end customers use fleetster without knowing it - because the mobility services of some well-known players are already part of the fleetster platform. As so-called white-label partners, companies can use the full functional range of fleetster in their own design and thus make it available to their customers. This option is exciting for leasing companies, car manufacturers, insurance companies and many more. 

The future 

"I believe that owners of a company car will soon be using fleetster like iPhone owners are using iTunes, because we are massively expanding our product portfolio next year," Ruhoff says. 

You can read the whole article about fleetster in Discover Germany (January 2018).