No more fear of an empty battery

  6 diciembre 2018
fleetster, battery

eMobility with fleetster - a new algorithm provides precise forecasts of range and automatically organizes all follow-up bookings.
Mobility is increasingly becoming electric - electric mobility is the future. In addition to our versatile fleetster mobility software, we have developed a sophisticated algorithm that makes the integration of cost-reducing and low-emission electric vehicles into corporate fleets even easier and more efficient.

Reducing vehicle costs and CO2 emissions massively. Especially in Corporate Carsharing and in corporate fleets, e-mobility represents a real advantage. A large number of business trips are in the short-haul segment, an optimal prerequisite for the use of electric vehicles. With fleetster, a clean alternative can finally be smoothly integrated.

Practical experience shows that many users continue to see two sides of electric mobility. On the one hand the attractiveness and advantages of the new technology, on the other the fear of an empty battery or a lack of flexibility in terms of range. The fleetster algorithm takes the underlying complexity of the issue into account to make fleet management and the use of electric vehicles with a good feeling many times easier.

Flexibility through well-founded range forecasting 

The range algorithm fulfills a central task for the company's booking system: it predicts the remaining range of the electric vehicles for future use and thus decides on the possibility of future bookings. This is based on the extensive fleetster database, which contains the range of all electric cars on the market and is constantly being expanded and improved. The fleet manager and all users thus receive a realistic indication as to which range can be assumed for which electric vehicle. 

If the fleetster Carsharing Kits are installed in the vehicles, the range calculation is based on live data from the vehicles. Deviations are automatically taken into account in the organization of follow-up bookings. The original prediction of the algorithm and the actual remaining range are compared, and the system reacts to deviations with a new vehicle distribution if necessary and with notifications to the users.

Choose flexibility individually and precisely 

With various options of the electromobility feature, fleetster creates the possibility to decide in advance on the desired range of electric vehicles for a new booking. The simplest option is to compare the expected remaining range with the required range for the next trips. The next step is to consider a safety reserve - this can be defined by the fleet manager to increase the flexibility of the system. Another buffer is the minimum range option, which can be set as the minimum range before each journey. Thus no employee will be stuck in the car during the journey due to empty batteries.