The new Mobility App Store

  7 febrero 2019

On November 27, 2014, Tim Ruhoff introduced this new reloaded mobility App Store at fleetster. "From our customers whe have learned that a software tool for booking vehicles out of a booking pool is not enough," says Tim Ruhoff, CEO and founder of the company. In the past year, fleetster has created a platform with which companies can no longer only manage just pool vehicles, now it is possible to manage also all other fleet cars. This is what makes corporate carsharing to "just" another app like all other regular Apps which can be activated just in those situations when needed - and you only pay money if you really need and use the app. With this innovation fleetster responds to a very clear need: According to a serious data force survey, 77% of fleet managers have to handle their jobs without the support of any software. "Our goal is not to bring just another fleet software on the market," says Ruhoff, "rather, our goal is to make such a system as simple as possible, so that even unskilled fleet managers can use it immediately." From now on companies can individually manage their fleet and use exactly the tools that are important to them in the Mobility App Store. Find out more booking an online demo here