Test now! The fleetster keybox for pool cars

  3 octubre 2016

Our software is fully automated, intuitive and easy to use. This is also how our Keyboxes work. Keep calm, and save time and money! Don’t believe us? Test the Keybox out yourself!
Our office is fully stocked with Keyboxes, and you can test them for up to three months for only €250 (net) a month, and shipping within Germany is included! Call us or drop us an E-mail if you would like a quote for international shipping.
How does a Keybox work? Simple! Users book a vehicle on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The Keybox instantly recognizes the booking, and the user can release the key by entering a PIN on the touchscreen or by swiping the RFID card – all other keys remained locked!
Once the trip has finished, the user simply returns the key, and can report damages, fuel level, cleanliness and mileage on the touchscreen. All information is immediately forwarded to the Administrator or Fleetmanager.
Boost your Keybox by equipping it with a RFID reader that checks the user’s driver license everytime they release a key!

If you are interested in renting a keybox, just contact Wolfgang Weiß .

More detailed information about our Keyboxescan be read here.