Key Management

  10 marzo 2016
Key Management

This feature was developed to simplify and improve the efficiency of the vehicle key management. By using it you have a clear overview of the booking status, including the key release and key return information.


Multiple Locations

If your company has more than one location, make sure you change the location on the far left drop down to the locations you want to observe. Once doing so, you will see all cars which are waiting for key management release. In this case, our user has selected Guatemala and Hybrid category and the results are as shown.


Booking details and updated information about your vehicles

Once you have selected the vehicle, you are shown the booking details where you can quickly double check what the user has inputted.

When the vehicle is returned, a similar box with the following information will appear.


Covered distance

This time it is showing details regarding the vehicle’s new mileage.


Current charging levels

The fuel and/or battery level (if using e-vehicles) indicates at what level the fuel gage remains from the previous trip. With this information, the fleet manager will be able to estimate whether the car can be used for an additional trip or not. This is especially useful when trying to make the most of your fleet vehicles.



The cleanliness of the vehicle after usage possesses a similar estimation gauge; if the car needs cleaning before the next booking, this can safe save both time and money by organizing cleaning services.

Reporting damages

Finally, the last protocol is the possible damages for the vehicles; this is important, as damages need to be tended to immediately after the vehicle is returned in order to safely acknowledge that the next driver has no problems.