Fleet Manager To-Do's to keep a clear view

  14 febrero 2019
fleet manager, corporate carsharing software, fleetster

Fleet management requires getting a clear overview. To know about the most important operations in the fleet is now easier with the new fleetster function "fleet manager to-do's". A task list for the fleet manager - sounds simple but it is a valuable addition to the many meaningful features of the fleetster's corporate carsharing software. Good organization is a central prerequisite for the proper functioning of the booked trips, maintenance and cleaning of vehicles, control of the information in the travel books, timely refuelling and much more. The input of the user at the key return point, such as damages, find in the software their direct way into the task list of the fleet leader, this information ad others like the mileage or tank level is transmited from the fleetster data box via telematics. The administrator remains up to date, without having to check each vehicle after every ride. The new fleet manager to-dos allows clear processing of all pending issues - in peace and in sequence.