Driving License Control

  14 enero 2016
drivers license fleetster

This feature validates the driving licenses of your employees. With the Driver License Control, you eliminate the risk of providing your cars to users who do not have a valid driving permission.

At fleetster we want companies and fleet managers to have the peace of mind that everything is thoroughly checked and concluded upon booking a vehicle. We have heard of instances in the past where people were ignoring the rules and using a car without a driver’s license! The fleet manager will never have complete knowledge of the driver’s past driving convictions, or whether their license is invalid or nonexistent if the due precautions have not been checked. This is a huge risk for both the driver and the company involved. Thus, we strive to eliminate all possible risk outcomes to keep everyone safe on the road. This works for managing your keys with a person (a keymanager), our automatic keyboxes, and the keyless function with Telematics. For all options, we have included the possibility to check the employees’ driver licenses. This way, the employee is only able to take the vehicle for the desired booking when their license has been approved.