The first Corporate Carsharing insurance is here!

  20 marzo 2015
fleetster, corporate carsharing, insurance

The use of Corporate Carsharing induces a situation for which insurance companies have not been prepared – till now. Previously, no insurer could provide a package which could serve both private and business trips, and allow for an easy integration of electric vehicles in the fleet. Since at fleetster we want to make sure that safety always comes first, we have decided to solve the problem and offer our customers a comprehensive solution tailored to their specific needs. In order to do so, we had to begin with finding a highly professional and experienced partner, who could help us implementing this plan. As for today, we are pleased to say that the searching process has been successful and we have found a very reliable partner: the Zurich District Directorate Detlev Knoll. Mr. Knoll and his team can pride themselves with over 20 years of experience in offering individually tailored insurance solutions. In addition, they are also experts in providing solutions for eMobility, and therefore offer a specialized know-how in the topic of eCars. As a result, the new insurance solution for Corporate Carsharing was born. From now on, companies are free to offer their pool vehicles not only for business trips, but also for private travelling. It is guaranteed, that no monetary benefits arise from the private use of pool cars, which makes fleetster a convenient solution from the accounting point of view. Additionally, the Corporate Carsharing insurance is available for eVahicles and provides special coverage for the battery. Besides safety and a full coverage, fleetster’s customer will receive a special discount on the insurance fee! For further information about the insurance as well as the discount, feel free to contact Mr. Knoll directly (