New feature: Category booking

  4 febrero 2019
booking, fleetster, company carsharing
Users of companies with many vehicles know how long it takes to scroll through a never ending list of vehicles until the desired one is found and finally booked. Furthermore, everyone who is responsible for a car pool knows that the employees' "favorite car" will always be booked - whether it is reasonable for the particular tour or not. 
As of now, fleetster has a new feature which solves the problems on both sides: The category booking. During the booking the employees simply indicate which vehicle category they need - they can activate additional filters like manual or automatic transmission - and fleetster will allocate them to the most appropriate vehicle. The person responsible for the motor pool can decide whether it should be optimized by means of cost, leasing-limit or CO2. For personal travels, the employees will of course still book the exact vehicle they want to travel with. 
The biggest gain is, that fleetster allocates the ideal vehicle and that the user does not choose with his subjective preferences. The feature is similar to the principle of rental car companies, where the customer does not find out which vehicle he receives until he gets to the counter. 
Between des booking and the delivery of the keys fleetster continually optimizes all bookings, so that the costs for the company are as low as possible. This is even another advantage for the company: Because fleetster always books the cheapest available vehicle, the expenses are casually lowered. 
A little perspective for the future: The category booking is the cornerstone for one-way trips between several sites of a company. Bonus systems, where particular employees get upgrades of their vehicle category, similar to the rental car industry, are possible, as well.