Carsharing in the Country - With a Village Car

  31 enero 2019
fleetster, corporate carsharing, country

Nowadays, the desire for intelligent, efficient, and innovative mobility is increasing not just in the city, but in the country as well. This can be remedied by a village car or community car, which may be used by all residents who have a driver's license. More and more communities are considering to buy a village car or to provide already existing community cars to residents when those are not needed elsewhere. This innovative and environmentally friendly concept helps people in rural areas who do not own their own vehicle and who have to rely on occasional and infrequent public transport. It can also replace a bigger second car, which is used only occasionally to transport larger items. Thanks to fleetster, the car can be booked quickly and easily within the community, while also relieving the administrative staff. The fleetster's carsharing software pays off even from only one car upwards and electric cars can also be easily integrated, in a way that even inexperienced drivers are reminded of the peculiarities of using an electric car. For example, fleetster automatically calculates the range of vehicles for all booking requests and reminds the user to connect the vehicles to the power outlet / charging station after the completion of the trip. Invoicing for individual journeys is also simplified by the Carsharing Software: Invoicing for all journeys takes place directly in and through fleetster, so that no additional expenses occur for the municipality. The various options of key management in fleetster complete the offer: No matter whether by community employees, with a burglar-proof key safe or innovative RFID technology in the vehicle: The fleetster team is happy to advise you, contact with us here!