Innovative carsharing for modern blocks of flats

  6 diciembre 2016
Innovative carsharing for modern blocks of flats

Concepts of innovative and modern blocks

Ecological building materials, passive-house standards, solar energy, green facades – an increasing number of architects, builders, and city planners prescribe to the idea of optimizing resources and promoting sustainable construction. People who live consciously also want to do the same with their mobility.

Being mobile without owning a vehicle?

In modern living arrangements, tenants and owners have often longed to move towards e-mobility and sharing even cars with their neighbors. In an ideal scenario, you don’t even need to own a car anymore!

Tending to your need for sustainable mobility, fleetster offers tailor-made carsharing concepts.

Carsharing for innovative concepts of living

  • We advise architects, cooperatives, and city developers with the aim of creating an individual carsharing model that suits their specific projects
  • We help choosing the number and type of carsharing vehicles, financing solutions - based on the needs and numbers of users
  • As the market leader in the development of innovative carsharing software, we guarantee an extremely easy and comfortable booking process
  • Additionally, fleetster offers all the tools that make the usage and management of carsharing vehicles effective and pleasurable

How it works

The vehicle pool is easily booked through the fleetster app, which runs on every mobile phone or tablet (as well as on laptops and computers). The reservation, driving, and return of the vehicles is simple and there is no hassle for the users. With the fleetster software, the vehicle pool administrator always has the perfect overview:

  • All bookings in sight
  • Distances travelled
  • Special-features for eCars: plans to load the battery to prevent break downs during the ride
  • Conditions of the vehicles
  • Notifications for upcoming services
  • Any troubles are reported immediately

Simple Key-management for carsharing vehicles

The keys belonging to the pool vehicles can be stored in an automatic cabinet that can be placed in any community area or in our fleetster carsharing-kit directly in the vehicle. The keyboxes can be opened with a PIN code or when using a carsharing-kit, the cars can be opened by the user via the app.

We also have the solution for billing the trips! If desired, every single trip can be debited immediately. Furthermore, if electric cars are to be used, fleetster has the features which guarantee a smooth usage and charging of the eVehicles.

fleetster is as individual as the needs of its users. Modern mobility can be incredibly smart!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an individual free demo!